Blood Services

Blood Services

Blood Donor Testing for Transfusion Transmitted Infections (TTIs)

  • Donor testing for HCV, HBV, HIV and Syphilis, with chemiluminescence (Abbott CLIA) on donor sample along with pick up service of donor sample from source.
  • Donor testing for HCV,HBV and HIV 1&2 with individual donor (ID) Nucleic Acid Amplification Technology (NAT with Grifols Panther), along with pick up service of donor sample from source.
  • Carrying out donor testing by meeting all test performance criterions, EQA and analytical quality assurance (AQA of more than 90%). P-First is a unique facility to carry this out with WHO traceable third party con- trols. Quality at P-First is standard of care, transparent and auditable.
  • The affordability for participating centers is brought by maximum subsi- dy on testing for TTIs by sharing the unutilized products like platelets and plasma, and focusing on sustainability.
  • Timely dissemination of donor testing results with online applications like NAT app and P-BECS (blood establishment computer software), de- veloped and maintained by it’s very own team of technology experts from a partner concern “Techyard”.

Improving the quality of partner Blood Banks & Transfusion facilities

  • By partnering with P-First for outsourcing of donor testing, P-First would assist the facility in improving quality in domain of preparation of blood components, storage capacity and provision of necessary hardware to run essential blood bank applications.
  • The staff engaged in blood bank processes will be offered enhanced training.
  • Consultations, Consultations, assistance and training for upgrading and organizing the documents & SOPs on blood banks in achieving compliance with legislation.

Delivering Platelets and Plasma at bedside

P-First has the knowledge and resources to produce value added platelet products by pooling, prestorage leukoreduction and bacterial testing, which truly is Mega unit and an alternate to single donor apheresis platelets. These will eliminate the cost of bedside filter and problems of preformed cytokines as well as doubts of filter failure. P-First ultimately plans to reduce the inconvenience and pain of patients and prescribers by delivering the platelets, platelets, plasma and lyophilized products at the point of care by using our online ordering portal, and delivering the products. This involves all the safety checks, involvement of prescribers and mandatory hemovigilance records.

Provision of Massive Transfusion Protocol (MTP) for Obstetrical Hemorrhage.

It is established fact that MTP saves lives, but the challenge is logistics and availability at point of care e.g. labor rooms, operation theaters and trauma centers. P-First Solutions has the vision, passion and innovative solutions to make MTP viable at grass root. This initiative will be started by partnering with donor organizations for mobilization of blood from volunteers. This will go a long way to reduce mortality associated with massive hemorrhage in many clinical settings because of poor availability of blood in emergency sit- uations, uations, making it a major cause of mortality. The safe lyophilized products will constitute back backbone of this initiative.

Apheresis & plasma exchange services

P-First offers platelet apheresis services and also have a plan to recruit dedicated donors so that CLIA & NAT tested apheresis platelets can be prepared within the shortest possible time and economically as compared to that available in the market. Plasma exchange services shall be available for medical indications where physicians or patients prefer to get it done in an outdoor setting.