P-First (BECS)


We bring you blood bank technology solution in challenging environment, conceived by studying the field conditions and with the help of experienced industry experts. User of our blood establishment computer software have competitive advantage and ease of operations. Blood establishment computer software (BECS) is declared as medical device by international regularity agencies. We at p-first solution are cognizant of this and have a vision to produce world class quality by complying with industry and management solution standards.


To work closely with the equipment and IVD providers in blood banking, we proudly partner with Global Marketing. The experience of combined IT team, application engineers and marketing team has provided us unique advantage.

P -First Solution has been actively involved in providing BECS and laboratory management system and both complement each other.

KR International. Visit their website kri.com.pk


We plan to become the largest technology user where BECS is needed with in country and abroad, and to add value to blood bank equipment, at affordable cost.

Technical Details

1.  Operational level Support at Blood Centers

a.    Donor, Donation Blood Management Module

This includes donor demographics, unique identifiers and registration on site and remotely. Donor card generation, photo ID, biometrics,  Donor records, Donor medical, serological, Immunohematology Testing & records, consent, appointment, donor inquiries, Donor communication and pintable reports. System supports all type of blood camp and blood drives.

b.    Transportation and logistics

Where ever temperature controlled transportation is mandatory, the system records and provide real time recording and traceability to responsible staff, batch allocation and relevant alerts.

c.    Production

Reconciliation of product with samples, batch allocation, splitting, pooling and  modification of products, complete traceability, all component labelling, complaint with ISBT standard and nomination of products as per as vocabulary.

d.    Blood Bank Screening

All commonly used equipment interfacing, all testing results, available in actionable formats with automated result verification by configurable cut offs.

e.    Storage, Quarantine, Inventory Management

Blood registration, shipment details, component statistics department wise,    quarantine data and disposable, expiry management and discarded products.

2.  Operational level Support at Hospital Blood Bank

a.    Blood Registration

Registration of HBB with centers, ordering schedule, logics, Quality of blood demanded, transportation, traceability and HBB inventory.

b.    Issuance of Blood

Unique identification of recipient as per GS1 standard, communication with existing HIMS as per HL7 Standard, compatible with  on line or HIMS Request with checks to identify wrong blood in tube, authorization of products, printing of insurance slip & instructions. The software provides smart solution in absence of HIMS or unique patient identifier at bedside, return blood mechanism and facilitation

c. Patient testing routine and special testing

Blood grouping, cross matching, antibody identification, provision of computer   crosshatch as per standards, special result verification of consultants.

d. Billing and accounts

Invoice product wise, editable as per policies of accounts and alerts summaries 

e.    Reports, Alerts and Notifications

Alerts on predicted parameters to the admin critical check points.

3.  Statistical process control

Capture of data at critical points for use in SPC, separate QC module, as per as    prevailing requirement, quality manager over-sight and consultations.

4. Administration Module

Organization detail, Employee details, HR management and user management with rights and    user alerts, Proficiency testing and training, help, education, references and guidelines

5. System Level Support

  • Core information component.
  • Collection and communication safe guards.
  • Central registers and donor support management.
  • Discrimination of managerial information.
  • Presentation of information in user friendly UI through life cycle of product.