We have a passion for putting Patients first in our healthcare solutions.
We value our commitment to bring best quality with convenience for
patients in varied scenarios.
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We have a commitment for putting Pakistan first
when we think and develop solutions by engaging
our local talent and resources
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We have a vision for putting Physicians first when we
aim to bring customized solution for optimum care
delivery in their professional environment
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P-first was conceived to develop unique solutions for indigenous environment and circumstances. Projects are steered by dynamic leadership to bring, simple. Affordable solutions by use of technologies in blood banking and transfusion medicine. This vision is materialized by developing products and services that are safe and comply with standard of care of industry and patient expectations.

Life matters and so we care at P-First. The care is optimized through product innovation and technology solutions. P-First aims to launch its product lines ranging from blood establishment computer software, hardware and expendable supplies in first phase.

In second phase it targets to bring unique, innovative, affordable blood transfusion, lifesaving products and services at door step of patient with convenience.

What We Have

Blood bank Software
Blood Bank Computer Hardware & Consumables
Freeze Dried Plasma
Pooled Random Donor Platelets
Pooled Random Donor Platelets leukoreduced
Fibrin Gel
Antibody Screening Cells
Quality Control Sera

Why Us?

We have unique technology solutions for an important sector of Blood Banking

and transfusion medicine, to assist in provision of safe products and services of highest

quality and facilitate compliance with standard of care for industry.Yet we offer affordability,

flexibility that will provide competitive edge to your facility. 


Plasma Exchange Services

Blood Donor Services

Blood Transfusion Consultative Services

We have a enthusiasm to put Product first when we are developing value added lifesaving products to meet the need
We put our heart in to your needs.

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